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Spectrum and SIS

Spectrum 2.5.4 is a full featured communications program for the IIgs, and includes a powerful scripting language that can be used to build complete custom applications. Spectrum supports the usual download protocols, such as X/Y/Zmodem, and Kermit, and also supports TCP/IP connections using Marinetti. If you are new to Spectrum, or just want to know how to script, you can read the Spectrum Programming Manual, the Spectrum Scripting manual, and the Spectrum References Manual.

The Spectrum Gold disk image contains a working copy of Spectrum 2.5.4, and a universal installer, which allows you to install Spectrum wherever you like.

Download, or read more about the Spectrum Internet Suite web browser.

Antelope & Gazelle   BLASTS FROM THE PAST

Originally released as Data Highway™, Antelope is the Freeware version of this venerable DOS 3.3 telecommunications program. Supplied as a SHK 5.25” disk image. Read the Antelope manual. Gazelle is an 8-bit telecommunications program for the //e, //c and IIgs, written by me nearly 30 years ago, before Spectrum was born. Handy for those who wish to communicate with the world using their 8-bit computers. Read the Gazelle manual.

BrkDown 1.0.4   UPDATE

BrkDown is a desktop disassembler for the IIgs, which disassembles both 8 and 16 bit source, to give ORCA/M or Merlin 16 compatible source files for both the data and resource forks. These files can then be edited with powerful function commands to make file sets that can then be reassembled. Read the updated BrkDown manual.

SAFE2 2.2.9

SAFE2 is a stand alone FTP application for the IIgs. It has many features, such as Favourites, Synchronising folders, and batch transfers. Read the SAFE2 manual.

SAM2 2.0.5

SAM2 is a stand alone email client for POP3 and SMTP servers. It has many features, such as Spam Filters Multiple mailboxes, and Attached Files. Read the SAM2 manual.


SNAP is a stand alone news server client for Usenet and news servers such as Astraweb and Giganews. Read the SNAP manual.

Phoenix 1.0.7

Copy or exhume deleted ProDOS files. Available as stand-alone application or a self-booting disk image. Read the Phoenix Manual.

ChewBagger 1.1.8

Stand-alone file viewer, editor and disassembler. Read the ChewBagger Manual.

ByteBagger 1.0.5

A simple file viewer and editor in an NDA. Read the ByteBagger Manual.

Uthernet II Link Layer 2.0.3  UPDATE

Marinetti Link Layer for the Uthernet II card. Read the Link Layer Manual.


Control the boot process, restoring BRAM, setting the clock, and launching. Read the RamRunTime Manual.

Apple2000 & BASUG

Apple2000 (BASUG) was a user group that ran in the UK for many years. It published regular magazines, and the entire set of the published magazines, including other related material, is available here.

Shareware Solutions

Joe Kohn published a magazine for some years for the Apple II and the IIgs. Read the entire set of magazine issues here.

Wannop and Wyse Names

I maintain two web sites, one for the Wannop family name, and the other for my grandfather, the artist Henry T Wyse.

Download hints

The Downloads Centre has many different kinds of files. The PDF files will open in most web browsers, and the other files may download directly to disk when you click on them. If they open as text in your web browser, try right clicking, and saving the file to disk instead. BXY files will need to be opened with ShrinkIt, GSHK, or Balloon, and Disk images can either be mounted directly to the IIgs, or mounted with emulators such as Sweet16. If you are using a IIgs, either real or emulated, you can often transfer files quickly into your IIgs from the host computer by using the SAFE2 FTP application.