Babelfish Translator


Babelfish is Seven Hills Software file translation system for the IIgs. A number of plugin translators are provided, and full programming documentation is in the PDF manual. We would encourage new plugins to be written, as there are some gaps in what Babelfish can currently do.

Babelfish is a tool that applications can use to import and export (or load and save) data without knowing anything about a particular data format. Through Babelfish, the application relies upon translators to do all the specifics of reading and writing files.

An application can use standard functions to display the standard Babelfish interface to the user (including a "Progress Window"), or an application can use "advanced" functions to control import/export with no user interface. Babelfish even allows several translators to be active at a single time.

The Babelfish windows function equally well in both 320 and 640 modes so any application can use its features.

An additional NDA allows access to Babelfish from the Apple Menu.

Babelfish requires Apple IIGS System 6.0 or later.

Download from: