BrkDown Disassembler


BrkDown is a powerful point and click desktop disassembler for the IIgs, which can disassemble both 8 and 16 bit applications, to give either ORCA/M or Merlin 16 compatible source files. BrkDown will disassemble both the data and resource forks from an application. The resulting files can then be edited with powerful Function commands to produce file sets that can be output as source files ready to be reassembled.

BrkDown is a stand alone application, and requires no additional fonts or tools other than those already supplied with System 6.0.1. For its displays, BrkDown uses custom fonts built into the application itself.

Download from:

Download BrkDown to your hard disk

v1.1.1 - Minor update 18th January 2022. Bug Fix. Indirect call bug.

v1.1.0 - Minor update 29th April 2021. Bug Fix. Improved Print function.

v1.0.9 - Minor update 20th April 2021. Improved Remote function.

v1.0.8 - Minor update 3rd April 2020. Added self-check for updates at startup.

v1.0.7 - Minor update 12th October 2019. Added support for rUpdateInfo resource.