The SOS.FTP NDA, gives you a quick way of sending or receiving a file by FTP transfer, from either the desktop, or while you are running an application. It is compatible with both the 640 SHR screen, and the 320 standard display.

The SOS.FTP NDA uses the FTP Tool Set and the Undo Manager. Copy of both Toola are included in the NDA archive, but if you wish to learn how to use the Tool yourself, please refer to the PDF Manualc for the Tools themsleves.

Download from:

Download from:

Update v1.0.2 - 2nd August 2019
Re-upload of file. Minor change made.

Update v1.0.2 - 29th July 2019
Improved functionality using additional Line Edits.
Support for the Undo Manager added.

Updated 13th May 2019
FTP Tool updated.