Spectrumâ„¢ Telecommunications


From an initial inception as a IIgs communications program called Impala, Spectrum™ was developed and released under the guidance of Dave Hecker of Seven Hills International. Originally released back in 1991, it was sold by Seven Hills until their eventual closure.

Spectrum™ is a telecommunications program written specifically for the Apple IIgs. It uses the standard Apple IIgs "desktop interface" so it's powerful, yet easy to learn and use.

The simplicity of the IIgs desktop interface, and the memory available in the IIgs, allows many features in Spectrum™ that are not practical in ordinary communications programs.

A powerful scripting language allows Spectrum™ to be tailored specifically for individual use. Scripts can do almost anything you wish, ranging from emulating an electronic bulletin board, to the daily automatic logging, sending and retrieving of mail. It is also expandable with "plug in" XCMDs, which let you do many things that were previously thought impossible in a communications program.

Spectrum™ includes many file transfer protocols, from X/Y/Zmodem through to the fast "Sliding Windows" Kermit, and is compatible with both serial connections using the serial port, and TCP/IP connections using Marinetti.

Spectrum™ is an expandable program that allows access to many different "host" computers and systems.

In addition to the standard Super Hires screen display, Spectrum™ can use an 80 column text screen display. Additional "drop in" displays are also provided (ANSI, ProTERM Special, Viewdata, VT100, etc.).

My goal was to make Spectrum™ a very useful tool so it would be a valuable tool for your personal use.

Download from: https://speccie.uk/software/spectrum/

v2.5.8 - Updated 21st April 2021. Improved Telnet BBS support.

v2.5.7 - Updated 28th March 2020. Added support for self checking for updates at startup.